Replace Attack With Forgiveness

The easiest way to forgive is to remember that it's a dream.

I have thought so much about this.  How can it be that I know Who I am but don’t remember?  Why am I not starting to remember (or am I?).  And what part will I remember first? Or will it be all at once?

The only question I have an answer for is how.  This isn’t “Oh, that’s okay, I know you didn’t mean to embezzle my savings/start a war/drop a plane on civilians/blow up the Pentagon” kind of forgiveness.  This is the “How can I be mad at you for something you did in a dream?” kind of forgiveness.

Since we’re not reading the Text concurrent with the lessons, I have to tell you that Course forgiveness is more like what Ramtha would call “letting go.”  There’s no emotional charge on what a lousy job your parents did raising you, and not just because you know they did their best and you needed the hard knocks, but because they’re just characters in your dream, designed by ego to keep your knickers in a twist so it can continue to ‘exist.’  There’s no emotional charge on anything.  Because you know there isn’t anything there.

I know this kind of forgiveness is difficult when it seems like you’re living with the effects of a very bad dream.  But not only does being mad at it do nothing to change the effect, it doesn’t remove the cause.  Forgiveness does.  It acknowledges that either ego gets to have the dream or you get to go Home, but not both, and ego is no longer worth the price.  It acknowledges that the cause is in your court and you refuse to play any longer.  It says that no matter how many apparent nightmares (and tantrums) ego may throw, you’re waiting in line for a ticket Home, the train will be here any second, you’re not wasting time on that sort of thing, end of story.

We’ll get into forgiveness much more as we go along, but at least you have a place to start.  And the Course and I both promise you, you’re going to like the results.  Remember Pursah’s forgiveness example.  In fact, memorize it for emergencies.  Having something to recite is a great distraction when ego would rather throw things: “You’re not really there.  If I think you are guilty or the cause of the problem, and if I made you up, then the imagined guilt and fear must be in me.  Since the separation from God never occurred, I forgive  ‘both’ of us for what we haven’t really done.  Now there is only innocence, and I join with the Holy Spirit in peace.”  Lesson 62.

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4 Responses to Replace Attack With Forgiveness

  1. easywriter says:

    I guess it’s destined to have these lessons overlap since this book could have been written using one page and one word, ‘forgiveness.’ This morning I began my Christ toasts which I have not done in over 5 years. In my prayers/focus, I talked about not judging anything, anyone, even if it was part of the news. Today I said “I am reborn.” The first tiny evidence of a quasi-second of judgment came about 4 minutes ago and was related to someone famous deciding whether to run for President. I began my tirade and, as always, when I know I’m judging, I usually talk out loud and say, “oops, there it is.” mmhmmm. I rather like “….in every attack you call upon your own weakness, while each time you forgive you call upon the strength of Christ in you.” I might be doing this all day long but in truth there is no ‘day’, as time is an illusion as is the entire truth of who I thought I was. I’m not even here, but my need of forgiveness is why I am not still residing comfortably at Home with enlightened Beings. Wait for it!………………..even though I AM Home right now. Oy vey.

    No emotional charge, no emotional charge. Forgiveness is my function as Light of the world. There is no world. A very bad dream…………… I need a small glass of the nector of the Gods.. I have alot of forgiveness and right-mindedness to do today, because I’m not even here!

    The whirl you see go by today is me forgiving everything I am holding onto from long moments of ego-ship. I’m a neutron blinking in and out, can’t do lunch, sorry!

    • karmiceraser says:

      LOL, don’t get all of the work done in one day or you won’t have anything to do tomorrow. I know too that you’re going to get it done. You’re doing a great job!

  2. Milton Gordon says:

    Years ago I read a book “The Magic of Believing” by Claude Bristol – he advocated a program of Belief to create the reality that you wanted. It seems his advice of putting yourself to sleep creating the reality you would experience worked for me on many levels.

    I find many parallels between forgiveness as a method of changing ones reality on a par with dreaming a new reality only one is creating thru forgiveness an unfortunate reality manifested and on the other hand creating a reality in tune with your needs that perhaps would never require forgiveness unless one needed someone to forgive.

    Left to the Ego we wander thru the swamp stepping into all manner of messes when an alternative exists to surrenender to Spirit and create realities that may not of necessity require forgiveness. I find that alternative appealing.

    • karmiceraser says:

      It’s all a matter of perception. And surrender to Spirit means you perceive nothing to forgive! It’s the same as, “I learn through gentle lessons, no trauma, no drama.” If there’s truly nothing for you to forgive, Mr. Milt, you will see that door to Heaven appear before you very soon. Send me a map!

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