Hell’s Guilt or Heaven’s Gate

It’s not a choice between desert and oasis. Neither one is true.

Attitude is everything.  Which means hell is an attitude, guilt is an attitude, and so is the concept of Heaven.  Not material, not real and not worth wrestling an entire illusory life over.  Sounds kind of silly when I put it that way.  It’s like that old party game where someone sits in the middle of a circle of players.  You place a blanket over them for imagination and isolation and say, “You’re sweltering in the middle of a vast desert, with no water.  The heat is unbearable and you can’t last much longer.  Take off something you don’t need and hand it to me.”  Out come shoes, then socks, then after some hesitation, maybe a shirt.  Why don’t you just take off the blanket?  Why are we putting up with illusory, unnecessary, obviously uncomfortable crap?

Remember the first line of Pursah’s forgiveness process: You’re not really there.  Forgiveness just means letting go of a lie.   “He has been gently wakened from his dream by understanding what he thought he saw was never there.”  And we have to “forgive” both the good and the bad because none of it is true.  In other words, Take off the blanket; there is no desert and no oasis either.  There’s not even a blanket.  The Disappearance of the Universe.

This is where experience in meditation or out-of-body is so important.  Do the lessons.  It is difficult to let go of what we have always taken as “real” unless we have something more Real to step into.  And we may be climbing a ladder; time disappears, and space disappears on the next rung, and only light exists beyond that.  We do know that we are promised absolute peace, and this rung ain’t it.  I’m tired of battling with ego.  It interferes with my ability to pretend I’m not here.  So I’ve been just throwing everything at God:  I don’t like this, so show me how to perceive it, and I’m tired of that, so show me how to see it differently.  Every tiny thing I’ve wrestled to subdue, I’m not doing battle with anymore.  Battle is stupid if I’m pursuing peace!  And the only thing you can do with something that isn’t there is let it go.  Lesson 134. 

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2 Responses to Hell’s Guilt or Heaven’s Gate

  1. Maya says:

    I have never heard of the above game, but I loved your point of simply removing the blanket! We humans, who are not even human, seem to take the long route to God. It is especially true of left handed blonds!!
    It reminds me of
    starting from point A in my car and trying to create a shortcut to point B. I did this a few weeks ago. I had driven way too long and thought, “Something’s not right.” Was I surprised when I arrived at Exactly where I had begun, point A!!?
    Ram does say it’s just that simple, meaning the path to God is so simple, when we find out, we will be kicking ourselves (I said that, he didn’t, but I’m sure he would love to put his boot up farther). I am spending moments when ego is sleeping, to really look through my eyes and know that there is someone in there besides me. Well, actually, there IS only one Being in there and it’s not me. Crap, ego just woke up in fear.
    I’m stretching these pretend moments into longer periods of time until I don’t have to fake it anymore. When I get to where I can grasp this 100% without question, not only does my ego die but I’m now resting in the place I have always been.
    It’s that simple! Let’s all try it.

    • karmiceraser says:

      Ah, that’s the Maya I remember and love! A long, convoluted strategy from Point A to–Point A! I like what you say about stretching the moments. I don’t know if I can post a link here; if it doesn’t link, copy this into your browser and listen to at least the first 10 minutes of Lisa Cairn’s video, “Happiness.” She wraps enlightenment up in a few short sentences. It’s what we need to do with those stretched moments. HUGS and Love

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