Conspiracy Theories

To lock or not to lock? There is no thief.

Three less-than-desirable things happen when we build defenses to protect ourselves:  First, we give reality to illusions, fearing what isn’t really there and turning it into an issue we then have to handle.  Second, a big, high wall keeps everything out, robbers, thieves, murders and visitors bearing gifts.  You’re not letting any hate in to get you, but you’re not letting any love in either.  And third, once you take a defensive stance, the attack is coming from within.  You’re doing this to yourself.

Today’s extra-long lesson is an important one because it is related to all sickness and healing of the body and of the mind.  I encourage you to mark the page; you will come back to it again and again in years of growth to come.

As good manifesters, we all know that you bring about what you think about, and we certainly bring about whatever our “issues” are in this lifetime so that we can gently let them go and move on.  Yours will be different from mine.  You will be led to different plans, different activities from mine.  We get good guidance from teachers Bigger and Smarter than Us, and we each respond to what resonates within us.

I think that Ramtha specifically has counseled us to stockpile essentials and to focus on long lives because we are nowhere near this concept of abandoning the body to God and letting ourselves be completely guided.  Were Ramtha living here, he would not have life insurance, a bank account, a bomb shelter or a general physician.  He would have no need of those things, and neither do we.  Our goal is to let our eternal internal Guide show us which things to acquire, focus on and/or do.  It is how we hone our relationship with Him until we no longer have bodies, and defenses become as pointless for us as they are for Ram.  And I’m not saying I don’t have life insurance or supplies in my basement.  I’m saying I’m forgetting that they’re there.  I’m saying that I wouldn’t panic if they weren’t.

Defenses were originally created to “protect” us from the Truth, and that is how we use them still.  I get that genetically altered soy is bad for us and that government is more interested in power than people, I really do.  But since a confrontation with those particular “reality” choices is not what I want to manifest, I choose to focus instead that “all events, past, present and to come, are gently planned by One Whose only purpose is your good.”  It is how I keep from becoming fearful.  It is how I keep from spending energy or thought on anything but growth.  Maybe someday I’ll die from mercury poisoning, but I don’t want to spend one second more than the one I just spent thinking about it Now.  I have loftier things to do.

I believe in creating my day, meeting God in the morning and then letting things fall where they may be led to lie.  But Jesus is telling me here not to create my day defensively, as I think would benefit me most, because “you cannot conceive of all the happiness that comes to you without your planning.”  I do not doubt that is true!  “Your present trust in Him is the defense that promises a future undisturbed, without a trace of sorrow, and with a joy that constantly increases.”   I know I can’t conceive of that for myself nor focus it into being without a wrench in the works.  So I choose to develop that trust, to give control and guidance to Somebody Bigger and Smarter Than Me, to practice stepping off the ledge where He promises I will fly.  “Defend your body and you have attacked your mind.”  As with everything, we always have two choices, Love or fear.  You know which is happening within you.  Let that be your Guide.   Lesson 135. 

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