A Really Good Dream

Our brothers knock at Heaven's Door while we play in illusions.

What if you’re not discontented with the illusion you’re living?  What if you’re having a really good dream?  What if you swallowed the blue pill and you’re eating steak every day?  Jesus said it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get to Heaven (Matthew 19:24.).  There’s just no impetus to look for something better if you’re happy.  Or is there?

“For truth is true, and nothing else is true.” W.138.4:6.  You’re doing The Work because you are not contented with a lie, because the world could be a better place even if your personal world is pretty darned good right now.  You’re doing The Work because Truth is your life’s work, no matter how good the story the ego wants us to believe.  All lies are lies, even good lies, and nobody benefits.  Nobody ever gets to go Home in a nightmare.

Real salvation lovingly heals all the lies, every sort, color, flavor and intensity.  Forgiveness leads us to “the happy dreams the Holy Spirit brings,” heralds of the dawn, that one fine morn’, a thinner veil that lets us see between the worlds and know we’re almost there.  Forgiveness leads us to Truth, the only cure for sickness, sadness, politics, pollution and all the world’s -isms.  And to tell the truth, all the world is waiting for us.

The Course teaches that the enlightened stand at Heaven’s Door until all have arrived, and we all go Home together.  Ramtha calls it Point Zero, and he calls us “the last holdout.”  We want Truth because Home calls to us, and because the souls of our brothers and sisters call to us too.  They wait only an instant, but even that is too long when Heaven is one tantalizing step away.  Today would be a very good day to put the nightmare to bed and find our way Home at last.  Lesson 140.  

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A single-minded traveler on her way Home!
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4 Responses to A Really Good Dream

  1. easywriter says:

    Hearing someone say “last one in is rotten egg” is not really applicable anymore. Given the truth of what has been learned through acknowledgement of the greatness with us, the last one in is the one we all wait for and the door does not close until all are in God’s heaven. No one is more or less special. If we have to go and grab the last one and toss them in the door, we will do so, as all Souls await their sisters.

    I’d say in truth, there is no sickness, other than that of the personality who gave credence to itself. Forgiveness is the way home and is becoming easier for me, as I see it not such a hardship on my part anymore. Being locked out of the kingdom of heaven, because I can’t perceive of saying “I’m sorry, please forgive me” either to myself or to another, would be wanting my right to be miserable more than wanting the Joy of all Eternity. It’s all changing our minds, or as Ram recently said, we need to change our routines so that we then can be more ‘present’ and change our state of being/mind.
    Forgiveness IS my salvation and practice time for me has ended, thus I am on right minded awareness as I knock on the door.
    This is not to say, I may have missed something on my list, but it won’t be for lack of forgiveness, it will be mere forgetfulness. I can remedy that, if it is shown to me, as I ask for that now.

    • karmiceraser says:

      Yes, it’s the old “Bring it on!” attitude that we cast right before the crappola hits the fan. But well worth it. Just as every time I put an issue on my prayer table and it comes quickly to a head. But those are the things that stand between us and Heaven, and between us and happiness, so good riddance anyway. That makes it sound a lot easier than it is sometimes, but you’re doing really good work, Maya. Don’t head Home without me!

  2. easywriter says:

    Not to worry, I bought the tickets to Heaven when they had a lull in incoming Souls and tickets were reduced for clearance!
    I now can honestly state in my truth before my HS, that I have completed one large area of my Past. It is no more. Thanks goes to you and the assistance of my God in helping me. Emotions 0, God 1.
    (Oh, yeah, it’s not the car thingy either.)

    • karmiceraser says:

      We’ve always known our journeys were very intertwined. You’ve saved my life at least twice, so I think it all balances out. I have it written down somewhere. Next time tickets go on sale, let’s sell all we own and buy enough for the whole world, get this nonsense over with!

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