I’m Ready For My Close-Up

Like-minds are watching. What do you project?

You had me at “There is a way of living in the world that is not here, although it seems to be.”  Apparently my ingenious disguise is working!

I saw an interview once with a successful, single movie star who was asked when she was going to get married, start a family.  Her answer was, “You have to have an ego the size of a small planet to make it in this business.  It has to mean more than family, spouse, kids.  I watch other actors’ families fall apart and I know that I want to work more than anything, so that will have to come later.” I think back to the Introduction to the Workbook where Jesus says, “You need not believe the ideas, you need not accept them, and you need not even welcome them.”  We are asked only to apply them.

Yet today we are told that God has placed His Hand in ours and trusts us to lead our brothers out of illusion to Truth.  We’re nearly halfway through the Workbook and we are not still here unless the Truth means more to us than family, more than illusion, more than anything.  We are granted many gifts along the way, but we are seriously entrusted to lead by example. This Work takes more than application.  It requires intention.

There were people throughout my life who had no idea what an influence they had, what a blessing they were to me, or how much help their presence was.  I’m surprised myself by what tiny incidents stick in my mind from childhood, from school and early career.  When we say, “I will step back and let Him lead the way, for I would walk along the road to Him,” we need to be aware of the role we play as messengers, translators of Truth into everyday life.   Your dedication to God is something that shows in ways you’re not aware of.  Just a smile to a harried clerk is a Christ moment.  So remember that you’re always “on,” and that someone in your life is watching Truth in you.  Dim lights, cue music:  Project.  Lesson 155. 

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One Response to I’m Ready For My Close-Up

  1. easywriter says:

    For me, in order to lead myself and others to a new path of truth is to change my state of Mind, my daily routine, and project to where I know is a place the eyes can’t see. While my body may be here, my new point of reference is that I have moved, packed up all of my pointless possessions and gone to a residence with more glitter. No, not Hollywood.

    I didn’t merely move around the furniture (emotions, fears, necromancers) with my personality. I walked with Greatness. This new place spins faster, the frequency is higher, and it is a more truthful place than what I have ever lived in. Decision, God I AM, lead me to it because I know there is more, I want more and he knows I want more. I know my body functions at the lowest plane of frequency and to the lofty who already have allowed God to take them Home, we must look like extreme slow motion, non functioning beings. We are if the ego is leading us. (I even think J and his buddies are the rightful contributors to the Matrix movie). It is a world wide heads up. It’s also a set up or as Ramtha yells “Wake up!” Wake up to our divinity, wake up to leading our brothers out of self imposed darkness and routine. If that means I do random acts of kindness every conceivable moment I breath, so be it. Someone has to take the lead and my self, my little ego won’t. It will lead me into a dark alley if it can. Only that which I recognize within can lead us all to fields of wonder and rainbows of a different kind.
    I’m tired of walking in circles. God, be thou my vision and give me nothing but truth this day. Send all who need a hug.

    You’re on!

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