God Is My Life

Jesus became a Christ by refusing to be tempted by “the world.”

I’m better now at blocking the judgments and emotions that can twist my thinking. I’m getting used to how the ego approaches, so I see it coming and insist, “I will see peace instead of this.”  And the ego sees me coming too, and is not worried because there’s a flip side to its arsenal that works better anyway: the five senses.

There’s a little game going on between the illusions the ego throws at me and my Decision Maker’s stance for Truth.  There is fatigue, just so I can choose not to think about it and bring my mind back to the Truth of God in me.  There is shame, just so I can choose not to think about it and bring my mind back to the Truth of God in me.  There is lack, just so I can choose not to think about it!  And I can bring my mind right back to the Truth that there is nothing except life in God, and the ego is not going to rob me of it by keeping me focused on an imaginary body and the so-called material world.  It’s never about what’s happening. It’s always about my response to what is happening. And focus on sensory input, or sense mind, occupies more thinking than it should.  Our conscious Awareness of  God and Life and Heaven succeeds in exact proportion to surrender of the mental struggle.  This is not a scenario where 50/50 is acceptable.

Our Workbook says, “He who would forgive himself must learn to welcome truth exactly as it is.”  Because everything that happens is about letting it happen. Can the ego snare you for hours, days, weeks with a broken arm, a busy schedule, an embarrassing mistake or a few extra pounds?  Anything that is life apart from God, that pulls the mind and sense of reality away from the only Reality there is, will keep our immortality from us. And “I do not exist apart from Him.  He has no Thoughts that are not part of me, and I have none but those which are of Him.”  Every state apart from Heaven is a lie, a distraction from what already Is. “When you are a lover of what is, the suffering is over.”  ~Byron Katie.   Lesson 223. 

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2 Responses to God Is My Life

  1. Thank you for the reminder that the things that would seem to demand our attention and that we might place our focus on are for the purpose of so occupying our mind that truth cannot enter. They are the smoke-screen and we do not have to be deceived by them in whatever form they might seem to come.

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