A Memory Game

Which memory are you--in this moment?

Ramtha always used to say, “If you can conceive of it, it’s true.”  Unsettling, that.  Makes me afraid of my own imagination.  But Ramtha also used to say, “I remember, I remember, I remember.”  And that’s what we’re here to do.

Do you remember, when fiber optics first entered the private sector, the gift stores came out with those eerie bundles of nylon strands, like a silken porcupine, and each filament lit a different color on the end?  I haven’t been able to get that picture out of my mind for days now.  As I peel the layers of illusory beliefs from my mind, rather than the vastness I thought I would feel, the sensation is more that of rapid shrinking.  I feel about the size of one of those minute points of light on that fiber porcupine.

The Course is keeping us focused on clearing away the misperceptions of the ego while also telling us that there really is no ego.  A tactic designed, I am sure, to bring about that standstill “Ah-ha!” moment in the mind that dispels the ego entirely.  Perhaps shattering it into a billion points of light?

How do we know–how do we know?–that even what we perceive in this exact moment is true?  If I accept that only the Now moment is real (past and future existing only in thought), then how do I know that this moment itself isn’t full of lies?  If I take a mental photo of this exact second, I appear to be me, in my fifties, living in the house I’ve lived in for several years, typing on a computer I’ve owned for six months,  But how do I know that in the split-second snapshot of two seconds ago I wasn’t some other point of light, say a man in his thirties, living in California and walking his dog on the same beach they’ve walked for months?  And what before that?  Maybe a child in Belfast, releasing a bottle with a message into the sea, hoping to reach a cousin in Wales.  Just because each moment seems to contain a lifetime of memories and a deeply familiar setting and identity doesn’t mean its either real or eternal.  Now in THIS moment I think I’m typing an idea I started twenty minutes ago, but did I?  Where did I really come from? When did I really get here?  Do you see why Ramtha’s little mind games sometimes get scary?

We’re not here to remember every little filament. We’re here to remember the core.  Light, spinning itself out in billions of expressions, tiny, quick, over.  Still the core; do you see?  Having no foundation makes me feel non-existent, because I DON’T know that I was not a child in Belfast just three seconds ago!  There’s no way I can know anything except what is in any given moment, and I have my doubts about that.  Yet as we let truth correct all our errors, the illusory ego filaments have to go away, and then there is nothing but the core, nothing but the Light of Truth.  Remember?  T-11.I, Lesson 107.

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