What Remains as Unreceived

Love isn’t love till you give it away.

I must say that the blog I wrote last year about Lesson 126 is very good.  You can read it here: http://wp.me/p1fMSr-mt  I pointed out two reasons why forgiving others benefits us. One is relief from the heavy burden of criticism and judgment of others.  The second is that coming to realize that everyone here has the same desires and the same goal is unifying.  This morning though, I think I caught the point of what the lesson is really saying (okay, so I’m in the slow class):  I cannot receive what I do not give.

I had a set of those frugal, depression-era grandparents who saved everything “for good.”  We never used the beautiful china in the cabinet because it was saved “for special occasions.”  I always wondered what occasion would be bigger than Thanksgiving or Christmas, but I never did get to eat from  that china.  We would give my grandparents little luxury gifts we knew they wouldn’t buy for themselves: a heated mattress pad for arthritis, a silver hand mirror for the dressing table, beautiful bath salts and scented talcum powder sets.  But if you ever went into the coat closet at my grandparents’ house, all of those gifts were there on the top shelf, some of them with wrapping paper still clinging, to be saved, I assumed, “for good.”  Fundamentally, my grandparents did not deem themselves worthy of such lofty gifts.  My gifts from them were always thrifty bargain-basement purchases of a neon-green ribbed turtleneck (yikes!) or a free-with-purchase makeup bag.  Apparently they saw me as they saw themselves: not worth the investment.

When I go to the Altar of God in my mind, to lay my lilies of forgiveness with all the other things I’ve turned over to Him, I see a new addition of a coat closet, shelves crammed with wrapped presents.  All of those gifts are for me!  All I have to do is give them first, realize myself and everyone else as Sons of God, and generously so.  If I don’t feel accepted in this world it is because I have not given unconditional acceptance to my brothers and sisters, and so that gift to me stays on the shelf.  I have never unwrapped total confidence or complete peacefulness because I can’t recognize those things, never having given them to others.  “All that I give is given to myself” means that as I accept perfect healing and salvation for all of you, I also have it in my own life.  How many unwrapped packages are there?  How many things do not exist–equality, abundance, passion–because we hoard them in our mental closets?  I know this; I’ve always known it.  But today, rather than neatly pry away the sticky tape and carefully unfold the lovely paper, I want to take a cue from my sister’s Christmas script and tear open all of my gifts in a frenzy.  So watch for them to arrive first at your own front door.  Lesson 126.

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2 Responses to What Remains as Unreceived

  1. Diana Bislhop says:

    Loved this! Thank you. BTW..you don’t seem to be in the slow class..lol :)

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