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The Ego Comes to Visit

I came to terms with the concept of anger when I was fifteen years old. It was my turn to do the dinner dishes. My stepbrother, whose turn it was to clear the table, was pitching gobs of mashed potatoes … Continue reading

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It’s Three O’Clock Somewhere

The other day I said that if you told me God was going to knock on my door at 3:00, I’d faint.  The Holy Spirit listens to what we say, and to what we want.  As fear goes, love comes … Continue reading

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The World Becomes A Classroom

I think the most helpful thing Ken Wapnick says in his commentary about today’s lesson–“I trust my brothers, who are one with me”–is, “Let me begin by stating that this does not mean you should trust your brother’s ego.” He … Continue reading

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The Problem and the Answer

“You are afraid of the world as you see it, but the real world is still yours for the asking. Do not deny it to yourself, for it can only free you.” “Blessed are you who are willing to ask … Continue reading

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Unreasonable Fear

Fear is not something you can reason yourself out of.  Fear just is.  You can list all the reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid but they won’t convince you. Something in the unconscious holds on.  It’s the same with love.  … Continue reading

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Pushing the Call Button

And so the solution to the fear and guilt that I’ve been writing about lately comes to us today: It isn’t about what’s happening; it’s about how we see what’s happening.  Confrontation, consternation, exasperation, petrification–yours or anyone else’s–are all calls … Continue reading

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Beware of the Dog

I’ve been nose-to-nose with the fear/guilt issue all week, since that’s what our Text has mostly been about.  I’ve seen so much fear fall away in my life that the occasions that it flares really stand out to me. I … Continue reading

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