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Selective Amnesia

I don’t remember issuing ultimatums to God, then striking out on my own to manufacture a hiding place of illusion and conflict–but I’m told that I did.  I don’t even remember a time before that, when I existed as the … Continue reading

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The Script is Written

I am no longer much interested in channeled material.  Once you have Truth, you stop looking and just practice.  And I know Jesus told Helen that he would never channel through anyone but her.  But I recognize this Voice.  Truth … Continue reading

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Golden With A Twist

My favorite of all the teachings attributed to Jesus in the Bible is Matthew 7:12: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”  It sounds terribly basic and old fashioned, which might be why we don’t hear … Continue reading

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Are You Peace or a Paperweight?

Not being Peace would be like using a computer for nothing but a paperweight.  Not what it was created to do.  Capable of so much more. We are still working under the heading of “Forgiveness” in the Workbook.  What is … Continue reading

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This Little Light of Mine

I learned a little something about judgment (mine) the last time I was in a church, of all places.  I had gone reluctantly to a mother-daughter Easter brunch, an occasion where blood and sacrifice and sin are much celebrated!  In … Continue reading

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Ready For My Close-Up

“But Mr. DeMille, what is my motivation in this scene?”  After surviving what I hope was my last dark night of the soul, a few friends and I went through similar bouts of ennui.  While we were plenty passionate about … Continue reading

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Peace Is The Answer

So what is the question?  The question is:  How do I get out of the rat race, off the roller coaster, wake from the nightmare, out of jail free?  Peace as a concept has an almost magical pull to it; … Continue reading

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